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New Pier and Related Infrastructure on Land Donated by Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd.

Goldbelt to Support Huna Totem Corporation in Developing a New Pier and Related Infrastructure on Juneau Land


Huna Totem Corporation accepted the gift of 2.9 acres of undeveloped waterfront property in Juneau from Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd. (NCL). Huna Totem actively engaging with Goldbelt, other Alaska Native corporations, and community stakeholders to lead efforts in developing a new pier and related infrastructure. The group expects to submit plans for a year-round facility by the end of the year. 

“This is an astonishing gift for Juneau and our Goldbelt shareholders,” said Goldbelt President and CEO McHugh Pierre. “Giving ownership back to the Tlingit people is a tremendous way to honor the culture of this community. We look forward to partnering with Huna Totem to share the values and ancestral history of this land.” 

In addition to Goldbelt and Huna Totem, the all-Alaska-based development group includes Jense n Yorba Wall Architects and Alaska Commercial Contractors from Juneau and Turnagain Marine, an Anchorage-based pier developer.    

In alignment with Juneau’s 2021 waterfront plan, the development group is ready to submit a site plan to begin the permitting process with the city. Huna Totem and Goldbelt will host a series of public meetings to share their visions and designs for the property.  

“We look forward to working with local tribal corporations on this significant development for the Juneau community,” said Alexandra Pierce, tourism manager for the City and Borough of Juneau. “CBJ’s permitting process remains the same regardless of ownership, and the next step is for Huna Totem to submit a Conditional Use Permit application to be reviewed by the Planning Commission. That process will provide an opportunity for public comment. The community will also have the opportunity to provide public testimony to the Assembly during the tidelands lease process.” 

“Ensuring this Juneau project is fully integrated into the community is incredibly important to us, and as we began planning its development, it became abundantly clear that Huna Totem, owned entirely by Native Alaskans, was the right stakeholder to lead this effort,” said Dan Farkas, executive vice president and general counsel for Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings who overseas corporate construction. “Alaska is an incredibly popular, fast-growing destination, and this partnership will provide the dual benefit of driving positive, sustainable economic impact to the region while also ensuring that the development of the land is done in a way that is respectful and representative of the rich history and culture of this community.” 

Huna Totem is working with Goldbelt to assist with the development and operations of the waterfront property. Together, the Alaska Native corporations share extensive knowledge in tourism and support a high percentage of their Alaska Native shareholder constituents living in Juneau.