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Help Us Find Our Shareholders

We need your help! The following shareholders are on mail and dividend hold due to having mail returned to our office. If you know anyone on this list, please have them contact Shareholder Services at or (907) 790-4990 to update their information with Goldbelt. If you are on this list, you may also update your information online on Gunalchéesh! Shareholders that we need current contact information for:

Amy Alton

Johanna Austin

Marjory Ballew

George Bell

Marjorie Ann Bell

Lisa Braswell

Brian Cameron

Joseph Victor Canul

Gonzalo Baniqued Marvin Estigoy

Marcos Estigoy

Geoffrey Florendo

Gary Franzen

Frances Graham

Martha Guanzon

Lyle Hartley

Bertha Horton

Tiffany Howard

Randall Johanson

Walter Eric Johns III

Esther Johnson

Maxwell Johnson

Megan Johnson

Sheere' Johnson

John Kubik

Isaac Mann

Margery McCracken

George Mercer

Mack Leon Nakamura

Allison Nelson

Derek Nierstheimer

Donald Olsen

Beverly Oswald

Joshua Peterson

Edward A Pfirter

Danial Pohl

Dominic Redford

LeAnne Schwab

Alanna Sharclane

Derek Shelton

Nicholas Shelton

Reynolds Skan

Heather Speakes

Rochelle Stevens

Patrick Tassell

Randall Townsend

Cory Tully

Jason Vincent

Brandon Wheaton

Browne Larry Willard

Wendy Willard

Benjamin Williams

Dorothy Williams

TaraLynn Williams-Vasilie

Daniel Wilson

Bradley Wright

Michael Wright