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Shareholder Nadja Kookesh was Promoted to Chief Administrative Officer

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"I'm honored to be in this position for my corporation," said Nadja. "I'm looking forward to leading our administrative teams to create improvements and efficiencies for the betterment of the corporation and, ultimately, our shareholders."

On January 1, 2023, shareholder-employee Nadja Kookesh was promoted to Chief Administrative Officer from Vice President of Human Resources for Goldbelt Incorporated. Nadja is a Goldbelt, Kootznoowoo, and Sealaska shareholder. She is of the Raven moiety and L'uknax.' adi (Coho) clan and was raised in Angoon, Alaska.

"Nadja's new role is a testament to her dedication," said Bruce Swagler, Acting President & CEO. "She's worked her way up within the corporation over the past eight years, gaining credibility while also taking on new responsibilities. Nadja's growth within the corporation is one that we hope inspires other shareholders."

Nadja ensures compliance and provides outstanding service through multiple departments to Goldbelt's shareholders and subsidiaries across all 50 states, territories, and worldwide. Nadja oversees the following corporate departments.

• Human Resources

• Shareholder Services

• Communications

Nadja first joined Goldbelt as an intern during the summer of 1996. In 2015, she returned to Goldbelt as the Human Resources Generalist. Nadja was promoted to Director of Human Resources for Alaska Operations in 2016, where she oversaw all Human Resources functions for Goldbelt's thriving Alaska-based businesses. In 2017, she was promoted again to manage all of Goldbelt's HR functions, including being responsible for 1300+ employees across government contracting and seasonal operations. In 2021, Nadja was promoted to Vice President of Human Resources.