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Annual Shareholder Awards: Nominate a Shareholder

Goldbelt is now seeking nominations for the following categories: Honored Elder, Culture Bearer, Subsistence Star, and Outstanding Youth. For more information on these awards, please contact shareholder services at (907) 790-4990 or email

Honored Elder
This award recognizes an elder who exemplifies traditional Tlingit values, is a community leader, and has made notable contributions to the community — over the past year or in their lifetime.

Subsistence Star
This award recognizes a shareholder who is particularly committed to subsistence, teaches traditional subsistence methods to the next generation, or had a notably good harvest in the past year.

Outstanding Youth
This award recognizes a shareholder or descendant under the age of 30 who gives back to the Alaska Native or wider community, demonstrates a commitment to traditional values, art, or language, or has recently achieved something outstanding in their academic, professional, or personal life.

Culture Bearer
This award recognizes a shareholder who demonstrates a strong commitment to the arts and an interest in both sharing and preserving Native arts and culture within our community of shareholders and beyond.


To nominate a shareholder, click here to complete a quick form: