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Goldbelt Launches New Scholarship Program for Shareholders

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On March 6, the Tináa Distributions Trust Trustees, comprised of the Goldbelt Board of Directors, approved the Goldbelt Tináa Distributions Trust Scholarships, which integrates the previous Goldbelt, Inc. and Goldbelt Heritage Foundation scholarship programs under one administration. The new unified approach includes a new scholarship, the Level-Up Vocational Scholarship, for individuals seeking professional certifications or vocational training.

  • *NEW* Level-Up Vocational Scholarship
  • Higher Education Scholarship
  • Youth Extracurricular Scholarship (YES)
  • Non-Degree Enrichment Scholarship

Shareholders can learn more about the scholarships on the Scholarship page at

All four scholarships now operate through the Tináa Distributions Trust. The trust is designed to provide monetary benefits to Goldbelt shareholders with voting stock. 

The Goldbelt Board of Directors supported the migration of scholarship administration to ease shareholder access and provide additional benefits through the Tináa Distributions Trust. The application form will be available starting March 13, 2023.