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Letter from Director Leilani Wilson Walkush Regarding Her Decision for the 2023 Election

Dear Shareholders: 

Six years ago, I learned that a shareholder nominated me as a candidate for the Goldbelt board of directors. That nomination, and the support of shareholders who cast their votes for me, inspired me to serve with determination and to apply my experience and wisdom to build a brighter future for Goldbelt and its shareholders.

Completing my second term, I submitted my candidacy for the 2023 election – but after careful consideration, I notified the Inspector of Elections that I will not seek re-election for a third term.

My name was removed from the 2023 Goldbelt proxy card but the 2023 proxy statement was printed and still includes my original letter asking for support. I humbly ask you to disregard my candidate page in the proxy statement, but not the review of the commitments I made.

I am proud to have served during this time in Goldbelt’s history and to have contributed to unprecedented changes and growth - the experience was beyond my own expectations.

I am excited to focus on new personal goals and opportunities and will remain an engaged shareholder. Gunalchéesh for the opportunity to serve you, it has been an honor and a journey I will forever cherish,

Leilani Wilson Walkush

Please don’t hesitate to connect with me on social media:

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Note from Goldbelt Management: The 2022 Goldbelt Annual Report, 2023 Proxy Statement, and Goldbelt Proxy will become available on the Election Connection page following the mail out of official materials. The materials are expected to mail out after 3:00 p.m. Alaska Time on May 19, 2023.