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Shareholder Benefits


Shareholders are our first priority. Goldbelt works to improve shareholders’ employment, training, and education through a variety of different opportunity channels. We seek to hire and retain as many shareholders and descendants as possible to join the Goldbelt team and other subsidiary companies. As an Alaskan Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) Corporation, Goldbelt and its related entities are allowed, under Federal law, to extend hiring and training preferences to our shareholders, shareholders’ descendants and spouses, other ANCSA corporation shareholders, and/or Native Americans. For more information, click here


We are a fast growing family of companies with employees and job opportunities in almost every state, territory, and internationally. We are always seeking highly motivated individuals to fill our exciting and diverse positions in support of our multifaceted capabilities. We seek personnel with integrity, dependability, a team-oriented attitude, customer courteousness and an ability to respond and work in a fast-paced environment. To browse employment options, click here.


Goldbelt offers internships across our companies, giving college students the chance to explore their career path. Interns will develop the industry skills to become qualified candidates while gaining valuable experience and building professional networks. We partner with other Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) corporations such as Sealaska and Huna Totem to foster a spirit of connectedness between organizations and encourage networking. These internships will help students qualify for future career opportunities. 

Internships are available in Juneau, Alaska, or at subsidiaries located throughout the continental United States. Internship opportunities are available for the summer and all positions are paid. The Goldbelt internship program combines work experience, career development workshops, networking opportunities, and Tlingit cultural immersion into an all-around unique program. Applicants must be highly motivated voting shareholders or descendants currently enrolled in or a recent graduate of a full-time education program at an accredited university with a minimum of a 2.0 GPA, and available to work for 10-12 weeks in the summer. Applications are open from January-March each year! Click here for more information. 


If you are a Goldbelt shareholder or the descendant of a shareholder, you may be eligible for a Goldbelt Heritage Scholarship! The scholarship amount depends on the amount that is allocated towards the scholarship fund each year, and the number of applicants. The goal of the Goldbelt Heritage Scholarship is to provide partial monetary support to those who are pursuing a higher education. To apply for a scholarship, applicants must be attending an accredited program, maintain a GPA of 2.0 or higher, and be a Goldbelt shareholder or descendant. Click here for more information.


The Board will declare the dividend amount and set the record date and payment date for the dividend. The payment date, unless otherwise set by the Board, will be the third week in November, prior to Thanksgiving. The amount and timing will be conveyed to the Shareholders in October of each year. Any of the above may be modified at any time at a duly constituted meeting of the Goldbelt, Inc. Board of Directors.


Goldbelt’s shareholders are the reason our corporation exists. You drive our growth and success; your participation moves us forward. As a gift to our elders, Goldelt provides original shareholders with a one‐time payment of $1,000 upon their 65th birthday. 


· Goldbelt will pay original shareholders a redeemable elders’ stock for a cash value of $1,000.

· The elder’s stock will become null and void once redeemed

· The elder stock check will be mailed on the last day of the month of the shareholders’ birthday.

· Elders’ stock is non-transferable to beneficiaries.

· Non‐original shareholders are not eligible for the elders’ distribution.


Goldbelt, Incorporated will make a payment of $1,000 toward funeral and associated expenses upon the death of a shareholder.


A Funeral Benefit form must be completed and signed by a relative or family representative.

· The claim for a funeral benefit must be made within six months after the date of death.

· Payment will be made directly to the funeral home or mortuary that is handling the arrangements.

· Payments cannot be made directly to family members or additional vendors.

· Goldbelt reserves the right to question the reasonableness of this request, and the right to make full or partial payments or to deny payments at its sole discretion.