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Welcome to the Shareholder Scholarship Page!


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Youth Extracurricular Scholarship

The Youth Extracurricular Scholarship (YES) Program was established in 2021 by the Board of Directors to support Goldbelt shareholders age 3 to 12th grade pursuing extracurricular activities. Applications are accepted and reviewed throughout the year until the YES scholarship budget is expended, as funding is limited. Examples of types of extracurricular activities that qualify for funding include: athletic, scholastic, art, or music activities. The scholarship payment from the Tinaa Distributions Trust up to the amount of $400 is to be made directly to the extracurricular program or to the shareholder’s guardian as a reimbursed expense with provided receipts.

An applicant may apply as many times as desired if s/he does not receive more than $400 total per award year.

Eligibility: Goldbelt shareholders age 3 to 12th grade pursuing extracurricular activities.

Amount: Up to $400 per calendar year.

Application Period: Year-round

How to apply: Click HERE for the Online Application


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Echo Ranch Scholarship 

Goldbelt Incorporated created a scholarship for Goldbelt shareholders and their descendants in partnership with Echo Ranch Bible Camp - Maverick 2 Camp (age group 12-13 years old). The Maverick 2 Camp was held July 19-23, 2021. The regular cost of enrollment for the camp is estimated to be $290, however, with this scholarship, the enrollment fee will be completely covered by Goldbelt. Only three children will be selected for this camp.

For more information on the Maverick 2 Camp, please visit Echo Ranch Bible Camp

Eligibility: Goldbelt Shareholders and descendants age 12-13 years old

Amount: Full Cost of Enrollment

Application Period: Closed for 2021

How to apply: Online application will be posted May 2022


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Non-Degree Scholarship 

The Non-Degree Scholarship (formerly known as Non-Traditional Scholarship) Program was established in 2021 by the Goldbelt, Inc. Board of Directors. This scholarship is intended to support educational, training, and professional development opportunities for Goldbelt shareholders who are not enrolled in degree-seeking or full time vocational programs.

As funding is limited, applications are accepted and processed throughout the year or until the Non-Degree Scholarship budget is expended. Goldbelt shareholders are eligible for a maximum $500 Non-Degree Scholarship per year and may apply the funding to multiple programs as long as it does not exceed that amount.

Payment will be made either directly to the program the applicant has designated on their application or if they applicant paid for the program out-of-pocket, it may be made as a reimbursed expense upon proof of payment.

Examples of types courses or programs that qualify for Non-Degree Scholarship funding include: cultural classes, career enhancing courses, training certificates, artistic courses, and/or life skills building classes or courses.

This program is funded by Goldbelt, Inc. and managed by the Goldbelt Heritage Foundation. Only shareholders of Goldbelt, Inc. are eligible to apply. Please note that Goldbelt shareholders who are currently receiving a Higher Education Scholarship or Youth Extracurricular Scholarship are not eligible.

Questions about the program or application process should be directed to the Goldbelt Heritage Foundation at (907) 790-1460 or

Eligibility: Goldbelt Shareholders (over the age of 18 years old), cannot be enrolled in the academic scholarship program and Youth Extracurricular Scholarship in the same award year. 

Amount: Up to $500 per calendar year.

Application PeriodYear-round

How to apply: Click here to be redirected to Goldbelt Heritage Foundation's Online Application.