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Goldbelt Transportation Purchases New Boat


Goldbelt Transportation recently renewed their contract with the Kensington Mine for another five years. The continued success of this business has prompted the purchase of a new vessel, which will serve as backup to the Majestic Fjord. The Sea Wolf will set sail on its maiden voyage in September of this year. 

“The new boat can be used for events and other occasions where providing transportation is necessary,” said Captain Clint Songer of Goldbelt Transportation. “The Sea Wolf has a capacity of 128 and is a great step forward for Goldbelt, Inc. Overall, the Goldbelt Sea Wolf will allow us to be more independent in our transportation needs and provide future opportunities!”

Transportation Boat.pngIt is crucial for the company to have a backup boat for transportation to and from the Kensington Mine. In the past, Goldbelt Transportation has maintained a long-running contract for emergency assistance with Allen Marine. The new boat will save the company money by providing an internal backup transportation service and opening new opportunities in tourism.

Goldbelt asked shareholders to submit name ideas for the chance to win a carved cedar paddle. Congratulations to Michael Isturis, who was the winner in naming the new boat.