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Goldbelt Launches New Security Services Company, NightHawk


Goldbelt recently launched a new security services company, Goldbelt Nighthawk. Building on the strengths gained across many of the Goldbelt subsidiaries, NightHawk is focused on cybersecurity, digital information management, and the development of advanced IT systems to harden security postures for both Government and commercial clients.

This entity is well positioned to further Goldbelt’s initiatives to be innovative, provide a positive effect for clients and shareholders, and take Goldbelt’s IT and cybersecurity capabilities to new levels. Specifically, NightHawk will build an outstanding solutions staff, offering a low-risk, high reward RFP process. Included in this capability set will be a high-level capture team, a writing team, an objective red team, and validation of compliance in possession of a high Probability of Win (PWin), all centered around a strategy for managing revenue with high profit margins.

Nighthawk 1.png

The NightHawk icon symbolizes the tradition of an open spirit and the willingness to take on any challenges that life may bring. Goldbelt NightHawk respectfully seeks to embrace that same spirit in their business pursuits – growing from a small business to an 8(a) company, and stretching beyond after graduating from the 8(a) program. NightHawk will seamlessly merge into the Goldbelt family, continuing to uphold everything the ANC represents. 

At NightHawk, shareholder descendants are becoming involved in the full-spectrum of generating new business and the application of best-practices for management. One of these shareholder descendants, Walther Hoffman, is working closely with Goldbelt leadership as he assists with the business registrations and entity creation for NightHawk, from the ground-up. He was also recently accepted into Goldbelt’s Executive Development program, which provides qualified shareholders and shareholder descendants the opportunity to work in all the major business fields within Goldbelt, with the goal of developing leaders who will achieve success at the management and executive levels of Goldbelt. Goldbelt continues to foster growth for the next generation of business leaders, seeing the positive effects as Goldbelt subsidiaries - such as NightHawk - grow and succeed, yet continue to represent Goldbelt's core values.