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Letter to Shareholders - Goldbelt Tináa Distributions Trust

April 12, 2019

Dear Shareholder,

The Goldbelt, Inc. Board of Directors recently approved a unanimous resolution to create a tax-savings settlement trust for distributions to shareholders, to take advantage of recent changes in United States tax law.

Goldbelt shareholders will vote on the establishment of the Trust at the 45th Annual Meeting of Shareholders to be held on July 13, 2019 at the Centennial Hall Convention Center in Juneau. The Goldbelt Tináa Distributions Trust is structured to provide tax savings to the corporation and its shareholders.  Those tax savings have the potential to allow for larger distributions and increased benefits to shareholders.

If passed, the Goldbelt Tináa Distributions Trust will provide tax savings to the corporation, and shareholders will not pay any federal income tax on distributions made through the Trust. The Goldbelt Board of Directors sees this tax savings as not only good business, but good for the continued health, education, and welfare of our shareholders, helping us preserve our heritage and culture.

There are many ways shareholders can get more information about the Tináa Trust. Goldbelt has created a designated page on, and shareholders can look for regular features and posts in newsletters, Facebook, and email communications. Informational meetings are planned for Anchorage, Seattle, and Juneau while voting materials will be mailed on or about May 23, 2019.

The Goldbelt Board of Directors sees this Trust as providing more options and flexibility to continue benefitting our people, our land, and the state of Alaska.


Ben Coronell
Goldbelt, Inc. Board of Directors