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A Message from the Chair: Remembering Bob Martin

Dear shareholders,

I am always moved at how our Native people come together, especially at times of such wonder such as this where we face the uncertain future of the pandemic. Our resilience is a testament to how we have persevered for so many millennia upon these lands by lifting one another up, by working together in the best, as well as the most challenging of times. We not only endure together through these times, but prevail as a result of our collective strength and values. Our progress amongst these stormy times is steady but not unshakeable. I am thinking about the pillars of leadership throughout our community that we always look to no matter the time. Recently, we were deeply shaken as Goldbelt owners by the loss of one of those pillars, Bob Martin, Jr.


Bob served Goldbelt over many years as a former vice president, board member, board chair, and as an active and engaged shareholder. I worked for Goldbelt as a member of senior management for nearly six years while Bob served as chairman of the board. I can't recall a steadier leader – his chemistry unwavering and made of the perfect amounts of diplomacy, respect, wisdom, vision and of course, humor. His leadership was without presumption – he was a tribal brother and peer, and gave of himself without expectation for anything in return other than to work together to advance our corporation, our place on these lands as Native peoples, and to strengthen our communities. While he never demanded it, I looked up to him always. He was a mentor whose example will shape minds for years to come.

He is remembered as an involved, dedicated community member; a proud historian of Tlingit, Tsaagweidí, Kake and Juneau community lore; and above all, a loving husband and father. He will be greatly missed, and forever remembered for his contributions to our culture, business, and community. We extend our deepest condolences to the Martin family, to our Tsaagweidí brothers and sisters of the Yellow Cedar House, and to all those, many in number, that loved and respected Bob. His words and lessons will continue to echo through the halls of Goldbelt and forever contribute to our success.


Todd Antioquia
Chairman of the Board