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Tribute to Joseph G. Wilson

Dear Shareholders,
It is with great sadness Goldbelt's former Board Director Joseph G. Wilson walked into the forest yesterday. Joseph had served as the Director of Southeast Agency and led the agency in facilitating Alaskan Native rights with the Federal Government. Mr. Wilson testified before Congress in Washington, D.C. in support of ANCSA, particularly the provision relating to urban corporations for four communities that were originally considered villages including Goldbelt. Mr. Wilson advocated for the indigenous population in the Juneau area and used documentation from the Forest Service to affirm that Juneau held an indigenous population: Aak'w Kwaan and T'aaku Kwaan.
Joseph G. Wilson served on the original Board of Directors for Goldbelt from 1973-1989 then served as President/CEO from 1989 -1994.
He will be greatly missed by our corporation as a pillar of strength and perseverance for Goldbelt and Alaskan Natives. We appreciate his service to our corporation and indigenous community!
We send our deepest condolences to Mr. Wilson’s friends, family, and the community he so deeply loved.
-Goldbelt Incorporated