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Shareholder Marlis Mayeda Promoted to General Manager of the Goldbelt Tram

Shareholder Marlis Mayeda was promoted from her previous position, Director of Administration and Support, to General Manager of the Goldbelt Tram on February 2. General Manager Mayeda said, “I just love working with the team here and couldn’t imagine myself working anywhere else.” 

Marlis started working for the Tram 24 years ago in 1998, only two years after the Tram opened for business, as a teller responsible for reconciling the daily revenue. Mayeda spent most of her service to the Tram employed as the Guest Services Manager for 15 years.

“The seasonal staff come back year after year because of Marlis’ sound, caring, and strong leadership,” said Inez Patterson, Goldbelt Tram Janitor. “I couldn’t be more excited for her to be our new general manager, and I know the team is ready to tackle the summer season under her experienced leadership.”

Congratulations, Marlis!

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