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Notice Regarding Sealaska's 7i/7j Distribution

This notice is a reminder that Goldbelt Incorporated is an Urban Alaska Native Corporation and does not receive 7i/7j funds from Sealaska for business operations. Sealaska’s 7i portion ($17.76/share) of the distribution is directly paid to its urban corporation shareholders on record with Sealaska and not to Goldbelt. This distribution is not related to Goldbelt Incorporated.

Urban and at-large shareholders enrolled with Sealaska can check their payment details on Goldbelt does not offer a spring distribution because the 7(j) funds that would be used for such a distribution to go directly to shareholders from Sealaska. Goldbelt operations produce distributions in the fall when the business year results are fully known, and a sustainable distribution can be made. For more information on Sealaska’s distribution, please visit: