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Welcoming Totem Poles Back to Goldbelt Headquarters

Goldbelt Celebrates Return of Totem Poles for 50th Anniversary

Goldbelt is thrilled to announce the return of the 30-foot-tall totem poles, originally located at the Michael J. Burns building, formerly known as "Goldbelt Place," to their new home at Goldbelt headquarters. These totem poles, including the Legends and Beliefs, Creation of Killer Whale, and Strongman totems, were crafted by esteemed Tlingit artists Ray Peck and Jim Marks.

The Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation (APFC) has been their custodian for several decades. APFC CEO Deven Mitchell expressed gratitude, stating, "We've cherished these totem poles, and it's bittersweet to part with them, but we're delighted to see them return to Goldbelt."

Goldbelt's President & CEO, McHugh Pierre, exercised the right to repurchase the art in 2021, and preparations are underway to raise these cherished totem poles at the Goldbelt Headquarters in time for the 50th-anniversary event and rededication ceremony where shareholders and the community can gather to honor the return of the totem poles and tour the new public-facing building Goldbelt is renovating. This symbolic gesture reflects the enduring connection between Goldbelt, the Tlingit culture, and the Juneau community, setting the stage for Goldbelt's 50th anniversary and the region's rich cultural heritage.

Stay tuned for updates on this exciting event!